Taking advantage of the most modern methods and production resources, and cutting-edge copper-free friction materials, R Brake has successfully broken into the market.


The main factors that set R Brake apart from other manufacturers are an extensive product line, fast launching of new models, and optimum value for money.

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R Brake's current formulas consist of up to 200 different materials to satisfy the market’s needs and the expectations of customers for all applications.


100% of R Brake’s pads are manufactured in accordance with Icer Brake's strict requirements to comply with regulation R-90, and incorporate a scorching process, which gives them a significant advantage when joining the disk to the pad. The pressing process is carried out with an integrated high-pressure pressing system, which ensures maximum comfort levels for users.

As in the case of brake pads for Commercial Vehicles, NRS technology has been applied in the passenger-car product line, another step in the process to increase the added value of our products.